With continued development in Pittsburgh and our neighborhood, it’s a good time for Lawrenceville Stakeholders to reflect on our mission and strengths as a community-based organization dedicated to preserving Lawrenceville’s historic value and character.

We will meet Wednesday, February 7th from 4:30-6:00 PM, at Carnegie Library-Lawrenceville, 279 Fisk to review Lawrenceville Stakeholders’ tax status; organizational operation; mission statement; communication processes; website; membership; and recruitment, etc… and draft an Action Plan. 

Anyone receiving this email is encouraged to come and participate in the discussion. 

Please RSVP to christine.brill@gmail.com so we can arrange the space with seating for all. 

Lawrenceville STAKEHOLDERS – 10th Birthday, this Thurs., June 21 at 6:30 at the Slaughterhouse, 5136 Butler St.  Short business meeting followed by pizza, cake, beer, and talk!
 Newcomers are welcome too.
That’s 10 BIG years of keeping it real in Lawrenceville.

Stakeholders, Lawrenceville lovers, Building buffs,
As part of our effort to preserve the history of Lawrenceville, we’re compiling a list of historic buildings in the neighborhood that are particularly notable OR particularly endangered.   This list will be shared with Lawrenceville United, the BBI, and anyone interested and will also be used to help guide and prioritize our preservation efforts.
If there are particular buildings that you think are essential to the fabric of Lawrenceville, please let us know.  We’re interested in the answers to both the following questions:

“What buildings in Lawrenceville are endangered and should be preserved?” 

“What buildings in Lawrenceville are particularly historic or important to the neighborhood?”
If you could reply to david.newbury@gmail.com with addresses, notes about what you know regarding the buildings, and any other information you have that you think is relevant (year of construction, previous owners, stories about the buildings, stories about previous uses, etc) we’d really appreciate it.
Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from many of you.

Flyers have been distributed in some areas for a public meeting at the Boys and Girls Club on Monday at 6:00 PM concerning a liquor license application for  146 44th St.,  which is Cattivo.  This license application is for the 2nd flr. and a deck on the roof.  Properties that are within the 500′ radius of Cattivo are eligible to comment to the Liquor Control Board. Please let your neighbors know.

Lawrenceville Stakeholders has been informed that there will be a meeting regarding the application to expand the bar/restaurant occupancy of 146 44th Street (presently known as Cattivo) to the building’s second floor with a rooftop deck of nearly 3000 square feet.
The meeting will be held Monday, April 23 at 6 pm at the Boys and Girls Club at 46th and Butler streets. Lawrenceville United is hosting the meeting.
The deadline for comment on the application to the PA Liquor Control Board is Tuesday April 24, so the meeting seems to be more about any comments that might be made pertaining to the LCB’s criteria for transferring liquor license ownership and bar/restaurant expansion than about zoning issues, which are substantial in this case but governed by a separate set of city ordinances. The proposed use of the second floor and roof deck would require a number of zoning variances. No zoning hearing has been applied for yet that we know of.
LCB regulations specify that comments can come from residents and property owners in a 500-foot radius around the site of a proposed liquor license transfer.

Hi Stakeholders,

 An entity called Dave’s Son’s Holdings, Inc. has applied to the PA Liquor Control Board to acquire the bar at 146 44th Street presently known as Cattivo.


 Dave’s Son’s Holdings is a corporation that was created on March 16, 2012. Its registered address is 105 South 12th Street on the South Side. The owner of the property at 105 South 12th Street appears to have owned Thirsty’s bar at Centre Ave. and Craig Street in Oakland.

 The LCB placard on the building states that the new ownership plans to create an outside serving area that would be 30′ by 94′. That sounds like most of the building’s roof surface, since the bar building occupies the entire lot.


 Aside from the application to the LCB to transfer the license and increase the business area, expansion to a roof deck would require multiple zoning variances because it would mean expansion of a non-conforming use in an area zoned for only single-family residential use.


 It would seem that expanding the business to the roof would create a disruption for nearby neighbors because of noise and light, and increasing the bar’s customer capacity would also exacerbate the area’s parking and traffic congestion.


Comments are welcome!


Short Notice, I’m afraid.
As Lawrenceville is developing, so are issues and challenges for the Stakeholders!
The next meeting of Lawrenceville Stakeholders, Inc. will be held this Thursday, March 22, at 6:30 pm at Foster Center on Main Street.
1. Lawrenceville Planning Team / development update; new Planning Team rep needed
2. Stakeholders Historic Preservation Committee update
3. Stakeholders membership and email list – who should receive email?
4. April Stakeholders meeting to review bylaws revisions
5. New business

The next Lawrenceville Stakeholders meeting will be held Thursday, February 23 at 6:30 pm at the Foster Center on Main Street. We have a preliminary agenda that is shorter than usual. And so the Stakeholders facilitators want to ask- what additional items do YOU want to discuss at this meeting? Please let us know.
DRAFT agenda:
1. Lawrenceville Planning Team / development update
2. Stakeholders Historic Preservation Committee update
3. Membership recruiting: develop a workable to-do list for effective recruiting over the next 30-60 days
4. New business: what’s up, Stakeholders?
Announcement: the April Stakeholders meeting will be devoted to discussion of suggested bylaws changes and in general ways that our organization can maximize its effectiveness.The facilitators are working to plan the meeting to work toward realistic goals and keep the meeting efficient. The facilitator group and Planning team members can be contacted through the Stakeholders e-mail group or through their group e-mail, ls.fac.pt@gmail.com with comments and suggestions.
Public Meeting in Lawrenceville on Marcellus Shale
July 29 at 7 p.m.
Teamster Temple
4701 Butler Street
There will be opportunity for the public to speak and ask questions.

Community Meeting | Allegheny Riverfront Vision
Thursday, March 4, 6-8 pm at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center (Room 330)

The Urban Redevelopment Authority is hosting a third public meeting for the Allegheny Riverfront Vision.  Working with Perkins Eastman , the URA will be reviewing the progress over the past few months and examining infrastructure suggestions and design scenarios for key areas of the Allegheny Riverfront.  They will be discussing topics including the riverfront; physical fabric; connections; and recreation.  This will be the last community meeting before the final plan is presented in April.

In the meantime, you can find pictures and information from the project on this website.

>>David L. Lawrence Convention Center is located at 1000 Ft. Duquesne Boulevard. Room 330 is on the third floor, on the Allegheny River side.