Hi everybody,

Lawrenceville Stakeholders will hold a special meeting to discuss development proposed for the Doughboy area (junction of 34th Street, Penn Avenue, Butler Street) on Wednesday, February 17, at 6:30 pm. Location to be announced by sometime Tuesday. Please try to attend this important meeting.

The purpose of the meeting is to draft Lawrenceville Stakeholders’ position on the proposed Doughboy area development- a thoughtful, pragmatic and concise position that will be a guide for Stakeholders’ representatives at the next Lawrenceville planning team meeting on Monday, February 22, and afterward. The facilitator team will ask the full membership to vote by email on the position drafted in the February 17 meeting.

The meeting goal may be ambitious, as the Doughboy area is an important and highly visible part of our neighborhood and there are many opinions on the proposed project. To get a head start on discussion, we would like to ask you to reply to this email to share your thoughts about the proposed project with other Stakeholders members. Please try for brevity because there may be a lot of emails and people are more likely to read something that’s shorter. Or not.  🙂

Link to drawings of part of the proposed development:

Also, a big thank you to Susan Englert and Deb Knox for re-scheduling the Leslie Park pool planning meeting that was originally scheduled for the same evening.