Below is the letter approved by a vote of Lawrenceville Stakeholders’ membership regarding the proposed Doughboy Square development. The letter was delivered by e-mail and at the February 22nd Lawrenceville Planning Team meeting. >>>

Lawrenceville Stakeholders
February 18, 2010
Maureen Ford, Executive Director
Lawrenceville Corporation
Ice House Studios
100 43rd Street Studio 114
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Dear Maureen:

The Lawrenceville Stakeholders, Inc. would like to thank you for organizing the community meeting on February 3, 2010 regarding the development of Doughboy Square.

On February 17, 2010, the Stakeholders held an open meeting for members to discuss the Doughboy presentation and to gather opinions to share with the Lawrenceville Corporation. Following the standards of the Stakeholders, we then held an open vote on
these opinions online. This letter reflects the collective vote.

There is unanimous excitement about the potential of Doughboy Square – an area that we see as our most visible gateway to the community. The un‐built gaps in this part of the neighborhood are seen as fortunate circumstances at this time. As economic vitality and social connectivity within Lawrenceville gain strength, critical locations like Doughboy Square acquire a broader range of development potential. As with all urban development, we believe this area must be studied thoroughly as we look at the possibilities of future development.

We appreciate the preliminary efforts that have taken place thus far, including finding a potential developer and presenting some initial concepts for the development of Doughboy. At this time we would like to ensure that any process that proceeds follows the

standard public procedure, including a transparent RFP process by which other potential developers are brought to the table. We also want to emphasize the need for this project to work in concert with other planning efforts in the immediate and adjacent area. These include: the Lawrenceville Community Plan, the Allegheny Riverfront Visioning Plan, the development of the Iron City Brewery, the Lola Plan, and PennDOT improvements.

We look forward to continuing an open dialogue among all of the community groups and the citizenry at large as this effort proceeds. In this interest, the Stakeholders Facilitators and Planning Team representatives would like to request a meeting with you to discuss these next steps. Please contact Diane Pittman, Facilitator for The Stakeholders ‐, or Sarah Kroloff, Planning Team Representative for the Stakeholders ‐

Thank you,

Lawrenceville Stakeholders, Inc.

c: Lauren Byrne (LU), Rob Stephany (URA), Councilman Patrick Dowd, Senator Jim Ferlo