The next Lawrenceville Stakeholders meeting will be held Thursday, February 23 at 6:30 pm at the Foster Center on Main Street. We have a preliminary agenda that is shorter than usual. And so the Stakeholders facilitators want to ask- what additional items do YOU want to discuss at this meeting? Please let us know.
DRAFT agenda:
1. Lawrenceville Planning Team / development update
2. Stakeholders Historic Preservation Committee update
3. Membership recruiting: develop a workable to-do list for effective recruiting over the next 30-60 days
4. New business: what’s up, Stakeholders?
Announcement: the April Stakeholders meeting will be devoted to discussion of suggested bylaws changes and in general ways that our organization can maximize its effectiveness.The facilitators are working to plan the meeting to work toward realistic goals and keep the meeting efficient. The facilitator group and Planning team members can be contacted through the Stakeholders e-mail group or through their group e-mail, with comments and suggestions.