Hi Stakeholders,

 An entity called Dave’s Son’s Holdings, Inc. has applied to the PA Liquor Control Board to acquire the bar at 146 44th Street presently known as Cattivo.


 Dave’s Son’s Holdings is a corporation that was created on March 16, 2012. Its registered address is 105 South 12th Street on the South Side. The owner of the property at 105 South 12th Street appears to have owned Thirsty’s bar at Centre Ave. and Craig Street in Oakland.

 The LCB placard on the building states that the new ownership plans to create an outside serving area that would be 30′ by 94′. That sounds like most of the building’s roof surface, since the bar building occupies the entire lot.


 Aside from the application to the LCB to transfer the license and increase the business area, expansion to a roof deck would require multiple zoning variances because it would mean expansion of a non-conforming use in an area zoned for only single-family residential use.


 It would seem that expanding the business to the roof would create a disruption for nearby neighbors because of noise and light, and increasing the bar’s customer capacity would also exacerbate the area’s parking and traffic congestion.


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