Lawrenceville Stakeholders has been informed that there will be a meeting regarding the application to expand the bar/restaurant occupancy of 146 44th Street (presently known as Cattivo) to the building’s second floor with a rooftop deck of nearly 3000 square feet.
The meeting will be held Monday, April 23 at 6 pm at the Boys and Girls Club at 46th and Butler streets. Lawrenceville United is hosting the meeting.
The deadline for comment on the application to the PA Liquor Control Board is Tuesday April 24, so the meeting seems to be more about any comments that might be made pertaining to the LCB’s criteria for transferring liquor license ownership and bar/restaurant expansion than about zoning issues, which are substantial in this case but governed by a separate set of city ordinances. The proposed use of the second floor and roof deck would require a number of zoning variances. No zoning hearing has been applied for yet that we know of.
LCB regulations specify that comments can come from residents and property owners in a 500-foot radius around the site of a proposed liquor license transfer.