Lawrenceville Stakeholders is a non-profit advocacy organization that works to improve Lawrenceville. Particular areas of interest include quality of life issues, the riverfront, promoting the neighborhood with a focus on strengthening owner-occupancy and stewardship issues including historic preservation. We tend somewhat toward residential issues, but believe in taking a holistic view of the neighborhood. Our members include business owners as well as residents.

Stakeholders is a “flat” organization. We have a facilitator team that keeps things going but all members have the same privileges in relation to bringing up issues, suggesting actions, etc. Stakeholders asks its members to vote at meetings or via email before the organization takes a position or action.

Stakeholders currently has no dues. Membership is open to anyone who lives or owns property, or owns a business in Lawrenceville.

Contact Lawrenceville Stakeholders at


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Mary E. Moses Says:

    What a great web site! Congratulations. We need to spread the news about the site. More groups in Lawrenceville should know about it. I love the photos.

  2. Gloria in Pittsburgh Says:

    Save our Library – 15201
    The spontaneous, grassroots rally on Saturday lit the fire. It will take ALL of us, residents, businesses, organizations, elected representatives, to save our library.
    Energy to save our library is growing. Some are already taking steps, that is fine, but it is important to communicate these efforts to as large a group as possible. No one group or individual can carry this off.
    Please forward this message to your lists and encourage participation from your friends and neighbors.
    Our library needs ALL of us. I started a Facebook group, Save our Library – 15201. If you’d like to join it, email me.

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