The Stakeholders voted in favor of the Lawrenceville Planning Team’s letter of support for Iron City Scooters’ application to the zoning board for a Special Exception at 5160 Butler Street. The vote was 13 in favor, and 3 opposed.  If granted, the exception will allow for (limited) motorcycle repair (but no painting).  The letter of support contained the following conditions:

a) this space can only be used for scooter repair (a scooter has three or fewer wheels no larger than 12 inches, a small bore engine of less than 400 cc’s, weighs less than 450 pounds, and usually has a step-through frame).

b) the operator is limited to working on 5 scooters per day (although more may be stored in the space)

c) all work must take place inside the building during normal business hours (between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM)